The Most Unused Gun In Call Of Duty And How You Can Use It To Slaughter All The Noobs


Chances are you’ve not dug up the courage to give the LSW a go! It’s the very first LMG in the game which leaves most people with the feeling that it isn’t great.

The problem is that since it does start off so heavy, slow and racked with recoil so few people wind up levelling it up to when the most incredible attachment is unlocked. The attachment that seriously sets the L86 up to being great is actually really difficult to use on any other weapon too! So what is the result of combining the worst LMG with the worst attachment? A gun that will leave your opponents weeping is what!

That’s right, put the Thermal Scope on the L86 LSW and it will become a machine gun sniper. Having this scope attached in combination with the Grip attachment will mean you can stand fully upright and be shooting someone at the other end of the map and the scope will remain completely on target. Some have said it’s like a laser, I like to call it a machine sniper!

So whilst I’m waiting for the latest black ops 2 release date updates, I actually like to go with the LSW without the grip, alternatively using the silencer (with the attachments perk). The thermal scope still brings the recoil well under control and with it silenced you can creep around the map plucking noobs off much to their annoyance. It’s just so much fun!

I have centred my assassin class around this gun, it’s that good, combining it with Blind Eye Pro, Assassin Pro and Stalker Pro. This way I stay off the map and radar and there is also the added perk that I can shoot pretty much any killstreak out of the sky thanks to the extra damage from blind eye pro and the large magazine on the LSW.

So what are you waiting for? Slip in your MW3 disk and begin ranking your LSW up so you can get that thermal scope happening and you can start pwning all the noobs!


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